What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. This is the scientific name of the active substance in the hemp plant. In addition to CBD, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is another active substance in the cannabis plant. By using selective and special cultivation techniques, there is a high percentage of CBD and a very small, negligible percentage of THC. Virtually no THC is processed in CBD products. So you absolutely cannot get high and stoned from it, not even with a lot of use. It is also safe for children. This is an advantage for many people, because all daily things can continue as normal.

Hemp has more than 100 other active substances that affect the body. These active substances have the name: Cannabinoids. A few decades ago, researchers discovered that we produce a lot of these substances ourselves, naturally in our bodies. Different receptors throughout our body called immune systems are involved in food regulation, cognitive functions and fine motor skills, among other things. It's called: Endocannabinoid System.

Buy types of CBD?

CBD is available in many different forms. Below is a small overview of different types of CBD products.


The most famous product with CBD is oil. This is the most commonly used route of administration. This is partly due to the good absorption through the mouth and cheek mucosa. Another advantage of oil is that it can be easily dosed (drops). You can determine exactly how many milligrams of CBD you want to take in a day. First, calculate how much CBD there is in 1 drop of oil. This is also very different from brand.

There's no arguing about taste

Some people rarely like CBD oil, but that does not happen very often. Therefore, there is a good alternative to it, mainly for children there are sweets. But also for adults. A tasty snack in various variants. Today we also have CBD capsules, these have no taste, so you do not suffer from a bitter aftertaste of oil. Handy for on the go.

Are you planning to take a break or are you going on a day trip or vacation? Then sweets or capsules are easier to take than oil. It is also a solution to give sweets to your children in the packed lunch without them noticing. Before you travel abroad, inquire about the regulations in the destination country.

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Skin nourishing CBD

Skincare products are there for hydration, repair and protection of the skin. Cream spreads smoothly and has a natural scent, without additives. Using a skin care cream is very simple. Spread it on the skin daily. Our cream is a nourishing cream that moisturizes dry, sensitive or mature skin. Our products are provided with Full Spectrum CBD.

Want supple, soft skin quickly without irritation? Use CBD Cream from CBD-MCline as an intensive therapy for very dry and irritated skin. It takes excellent care of the skin and helps to make your skin calm and silky soft again. Our products are provided with Full Spectrum CBD.

CBD-MCline products are made at a GMP registered facility in the European Union.

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